Irish Horse Racing

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4, 165, 000
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Gemplus, Schlumberger & ORGA
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The "Irish Horse Racing" definitive Callcard was first produced in 1991 and was still in production by the end of 1994. As a result many different variations of the Irish Horse Racing Callcard exist. Schlumberger produced many different print runs with different chipsets, addresses printed on the back etc. While many variations do exist, only some of those variations are shown on

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Thomas Avatar
Posted - 7 months ago

Hi is there any resale value difference in Irish horse racing  And  Horse racing in ireland.

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Nick Rankin Avatar
Nick Rankin (Administrator)
Posted - 7 months ago

Hi Thomas, Horse Racing in Ireland is an "error" card. Mint and wrapped it is scarce enough with only 166k printed. Used it can still fetch a few euro, don't see it mint too often Nick

Reply - Hi Thomas, Horse Racing in Ireland ... (Jump to comment)
Tony Avatar
Posted - 6 months ago

Thanks.. I have both here opened and used  and didn't  know if there was a big differences..

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