Tia Maria '94

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4, 000
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Schlumberger SC7
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This was the second private issue Tia Maria Callcard. This card was distributed by Grants of Ireland to Off Licence clients free of charge.

On 1, 000 cards, the 'i' in 'Maria' on the back of the card was dotted in by hand by the distributor, as it was missing due to a printing error. One such modified card, can be seen above. Notice the slightly torn wrapper where the distributer modified the Callcard.

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Nick Rankin Avatar
Nick Rankin (Administrator)
Posted - 2 years ago

Hi Mark,

You don't see it that often. I managed to pick one up (by chance) a few years ago. As the dot was added manually by distributor I'm sure there were some chancers back in the day who did it as well. So there are probably a few out there.


Mark Kirwan Avatar
Mark Kirwan
Posted - 2 years ago

Looking for the second tia maria card wit the dot over the i. Please somebody get back to me if they're blanking on selling.

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