Irish Horse Racing Test card (McCorquodale)

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The McCorquodale test card was produced to test compatibilty of the McCorquodale chipset in Telecom eireann cardphones. What is very interesting about this test card is that it was encoded with 50 units of credit. The Irish horse Racing design was simply used for aesthetics purpose.

The McCorquodale chipset was never seen on any public issued Callcards.

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Nick Rankin Avatar
Nick Rankin (Administrator)
Posted - 2 years ago

Quoting Barry keane
How much

Hi Barry,

If you have the McCorquodale chipset variant of the Irish Horse Racing card this would be worth around 200€ or so, maybe more. The chip would have to match the card above. This design was used on a lot of very common cards. The key here is the chipset


Barry keane  Avatar
Barry keane
Posted - 2 years ago

How much

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