Use us Today "Learning on the Internet"

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1, 075, 000
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ODS & Schlumberger
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This Callcard was posted free of charge into peoples letterboxes by Telecom Eireann to promote the Internet as a learning platform for school-goers. Two variants exist using both Schlumberger and ODS chipsets.

Interestingly the ODS chipset version had the rear image printed upside-down, the same as 1230 Blank Promo card.

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Nick Rankin Avatar
Nick Rankin (Administrator)
Posted - 9 years ago

Quoting Andrew Burges
Great condition card and never used. Is it worth anything.

Nothing really tbh Andrew. Possibly worth a euro or 2 if mint (never came wrapped so would need a reader to tell you this). Very common card though, was posted through peoples letterboxes foc in '98. If your sure it is mint then it may fetch a euro or 2, but can't see it going for much more than that


Andrew Burges Avatar
Andrew Burges
Posted - 9 years ago

Great condition card and never used. Is it worth anything.

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