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Foreign and BT cards

7 years 1 month ago - 7 years 1 month ago #257 by nick
Replied by nick on topic Foreign and BT cards

patrick wrote: hi.. im just wondering about a callcard I bought years ago.. I think only 1000 were made. I bought it in the imperial hotel cork at a collectors fair. the card was made for that fair its a bt card with a car on it and Pepsi. does anybody know is it worth anything?++

Hi Patrick,

Welcome to the Irish Callcards forums :) . Unfortunately I don't know that much about the BT cards. Unfortunately interest in any Special BT - Irish phonecards is not as high as it is with the Telecom Eireann/Eircom cards.
Time and time again I have seen special BT phonecards for the Kilmainham fair, Cork Stamp Fair etc. going for less than €5 on ebay. The Royal Hospital Kilmainham Collectibles fair card produced by Telecom Eireann I have seen fetch €99 on ebay (1, 100 made).
Is your card similar to this one currently on ebay? If it is keep an eye on it and see if it sells for £7. I'll be honest though I doubt it will :( ..


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7 years 1 month ago #259 by Deoraide
Replied by Deoraide on topic Foreign and BT cards
Hi there. I collect worldwide and am very interested in BT cards - especially chipcards. The problem is that I have a large collection and have most of the common cards already.
The value of phonecards has dropped drastically and you will only get €1 to €3 for a mint card now. As an indication, a few months ago, I purchased 7000+ worldwide good quality (some mint) cards for €170 delivered!!
Maybe you have something of interest to me.

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