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March 1999
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3, 000
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The Telecom Eireann Blank Promotion Callcard was handed out free of charge to businesses thinking about designing a Callcard for advertising/promotion purposes. The white, clear surface of the card was designed to be sketched on giving the company an idea of what their potential Callcard design could look like on an actual Callcard surface.

A booklet accompanied this Callcard outlining advertising information such as costs, types of advertising and minimum quantities that much be produced. You can view this booklet with card enclosed on our forum here.

This Callcard is very difficult to come across, as not many were sold via the collectors club.

The rear of the Callcard provides contact details for the Telecom Eireann marketing manager Pauline Malone. The reverse of this card was also printed upside-down, like the 1228 "Use us Today" Callcard.

This Callcard never came wrapped.

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Series: Blank Promotional Callcards

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