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25th August 1994
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2, 932, 000
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Gemplus, Schlumberger & ODS
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The Irish Mythology definitive set was released during the summer of 1994. four cards, depicting paintings by artist Pauline Bewick make up the set.
Different variations do exist, due to multiple chipset manufacturers producing each card. As the definitive cards would have had multiple print runs, some even minor differences can also be noticed (colour tones for example).

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Series: Irish Mythology Callcards

0 #4 Nick Rankin 2013-08-16 17:31
Quoting peter:
i have on of these callcard

Hi Peter,

While the Irish Mythology definitive set of Callcards was one of the more visually appealing, unfortunately with over 1, 000,000 Niamh from tir na Nog cards produced they hold very little value. Mint and still in their wrapper niamh cards will be worth a few Euro, but being honest with you €1/2 mint/wrapped would be about average for a mint Niamh

0 #3 peter 2013-08-14 13:26
i have on of these callcard
+1 #2 Nick Rankin 2012-08-15 17:34
Quoting Andrew Burges:
Is this card worth ;anything, it has not being used and is slightly worn.

Unwrapped its pritty much worthless, mint I would say 4-5 maybe more for the ODS/Schlum chip versions as there less common. But used nothing, they are still common as muck. Generally people would get rid of them in lots if selling (i.e 8 common cards for 3/4 euro delivered)

Hope this helps

+1 #1 Andrew Burges 2012-08-15 16:49
Is this card worth ;anything, it has not being used and is slightly worn.

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