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The Christmas Callcards

Both Telecom Eireann and Eircom released special Christmas Callcards each year. These Christmas themed Callcards were issued to the general public starting in 1992 and ending in 2000 wishing their customers a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Early on, Telecom Eireann provided a special envelope/cardboard sleeve with the Callcard in an attempt to target the Christmas market[...]

Advertising, special and limited edition Callcards

As with other countries worldwide, the idea of using telephone cards to promote important events, release special limited edition cards as well as use phonecards for advertising started from 1991 onwards. Telecom Eireann saw this as a way to entice collectors with a greater variety of cards, but also make some money from advertisers interesting in promoting their products and services on a Callcard[...]

Definitive Callcard sets

Both Telecom Eireann and Eircom released definitive ranges of Callcards. These definitive cards were quite common to find, as they generally had very large print runs. There were some exceptions to this rule, particularly when is comes to the earlier and later sets, as well as some chipset variations.

As Definitive cards were typically produced and run continuously for 3-4 years, numerous varieties of these cards have been produced. Varieties include different chipsets, addresses, batch information etc. included on the card. For example the Cottage definitive Callcards have at least 60 known varieties! The Cottage card was produced between 1991 and 1994[...]

Music cards

EMI Music teamed up with Telecom Eireann to bring out a music promoting Callcard for the Irish band “Blink”. Further cards for Tina Turner, Gareth Brooks and Diana Ross were also produced[...]

Disney cards

Various Callcards were produced to mark the launch of Walt Disney films. These cards are probably the best remembered by collectors as they were always colourful and bright[...]

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