Callcard Info

Design a Callcard cards

Telecom Eireann started the “Design a Callcard” competition in the year 1993 that ran through the years until 1999[...]

Collectors Fair Sets

Starting in 1996, Telecom Eireann held Collectors fairs until 2001. All profits from these fairs went to the Irish Brain Research Foundation[...]

Units to currency conversion

Eircom changed from “Units” to Currency for Callcards in the year 2001. This meant that cards were sold with a value such as €4 rather than 20 Units[...]

The Simply Talk definitive range

In the early 2000s Eircom decided to change the Callcards value representation from "Units" to cash values. It is thought that this change was meant to offer better value for customers, as well as offering a easier to follow value representation[...]


To this day Callcard collecting is still popular with many people interested in finishing off their collections however it is not as popular as back in its heyday during the later '90s, early '00s. If you are interested in starting back collecting again why not join our forums and introduce yourself?

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