Irish Management Institute (IMI) New Ways for the Nineties

Card no: 1021
Units: 50
Year: April 1990
Catalogue Code: S1
Catalogue Type: Special
Issued: 2, 500
Value: €28-55 (95/85£ Cat Val)
Face Value: £8.00
Manufacturer & Chipset: Schlumberger SC4 & SC5
Additional Info:

This was one of the first chip based Callcards Telecom Eireann produced. Designed by David McGrail, the "New Ways For The Nineties" Callcard was issued free of charge to delegates attending the conference. Unlike the previous Irish Management Institute (IMI) cards a small number of cards were sold through the Collectors club and sold out very quickly. This card also saw the introduction of the £8.00 price for 50 Unit cards, while before that they were priced at £7.50.

This Callcard never came wrapped.

In this series:

IMI Conference 1989 20 Units | IMI Conference 1989 50 Units | IMI Conference New Ways for the Nineties

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