CallCardsI have invested many hours of my time scanning in this collection, configuring and setting up this site. While this has been a very enjoyable expierience it has also taken a lot of time to perfect. If you want to make a donation be it either Callcards or money (via Paypal) I would really appreciate it :) .

If you want to donate some phonecards please Contact Me here.

Some Callcards at the moment I'd appreciate donations of include:


  • Maintenance/Test cards
  • Promo CallCards (cards without chip/chip in french position etc.)
  • 1288 £3, Simply Talk, (No produced ?), Gemplus + Schlumberger Si7
  • 1288 £3, Simply Talk (Overprinted), (No produced ?), Schlumberger Si7
  • 1289 £5, Simply Talk, (No produced ?), Gemplus GP2
  • 1289 £5, Simply Talk (Card No 1142 Overprinted), (No produced ?), Schlumberger Si7
  • 1290 £10, Simply Talk, (No produced ?), Gemplus GP2
  • 1290 £10/€12.70, Simply Talk (Overprinted), (No produced ?), Schlumberger Si7
  • 1291 €4, Simply Talk, (No produced ?),Gemplus + O.D.S. chipset used
  • 1291 €4, Simply Talk, (No produced ?), Gemplus + O.D.S. chipset used
  • 1292 €7 + €1 Free, Simply Talk, (No produced ?),Gemplus GP2
  • 1292 €7 + €1 Free, Simply Talk (Overprinted), (No produced ?), Schlumberger Si7
  • 1293 €15 + €5 Free, Simply Talk, (No produced ?),Schlumberger Si7

While I have many of the Simply Talk cards I am still after a few. Many variations of these cards exist as you can see from the Gallery. If you have these cards Contact Me and from looking at photos/scans I'll know if I need the card or not.

I will always credit any user who donates Callcards in the Callcard description and on this page. If you do not wish to be named that is fine also.

Cash/Paypal donators will be listed also on this page. If you want a URL or E-Mail address inclusion, this is also possible.

If you want to donate money via Paypal please use the button below!


If you want to donate Callcards please Contact Me. I will in return email you my postal address (Dublin based).


Many Thanks :) .

Callcard Donors:

Ray Ronan Donated Cards include: 50 Unit Galway Trial, Global Chipcard Alliance, Special Olympics €7 and more. Thanks Ray.
Claire Claire part donated the World Cup 2002 CallCard set as well as 4 Simply Talk cards. Thanks Claire.